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29 Jan 2018

Enterprise TensorFlow - Executing a TensorFlow Session in Java

A TensorFlow Session can be executed in Java in the same way as in Python. This post shows how.

23 Jan 2018

Enterprise TensorFlow - Loading a SavedModel in Java

Part 3 in the series about Java / TensorFlow Interoperability, showing how to load a TensorFlow SavedModel in Java

22 Jan 2018

Enterprise TensorFlow - Saving a trained model

Part 2 in the series about Java / TensorFlow Interoperability, discussing how to save a model so it can be reused in a different environment.

11 Jan 2018

TensorFlow and Java - An interview with

Our CTO was interviewed about TensorFlow / Java Interoperability while at ML Conference 2017 in Berlin.

08 Jan 2018

Enterprise Tensorflow: Code Examples

Overview over the example projects for TensorFlow / Java integration

30 Nov 2017

Enterprise Tensorflow -Python vs. Java

This is the first part of a series of posts about Java and Tensorflow interop. It is a more extensive version of my talk at ML Conference 2017 in Berlin

15 Nov 2017

ML Conference 2017 in Berlin

An announcement for my presentation at the ML Conference 2017 in Berlin