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25 Oct 2021

Git as a management tool for training data and experiments in ML

In this part of the series of articles on MLOps, we start with information that will be familiar to most of you: With the basics of Git. However, to give a different perspective on the well-known tool, these basics provide the basis to highlight the function and benefits of Git for machine learning (ML) and the difference in managing training data.

02 Aug 2021

MLOps: Establishment and operation of an AI

With Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) we ensure that data is efficiently and strategically integrated into business processes through regular and automated training, thus contributing to increased revenue. The challenge is to establish and maintain these automated processes.

29 Jun 2020

Text comprehension and automated text generation with NLP, NLU and NLG

So far, we have generally steered clear of the areas of text comprehension and text generation by ML in our practical examples for the basic understanding of AI. For good reason, we have focused primarily on two types of problems: classification of images and prediction of numerical values.