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02 Aug 2021

MLOps: Establishment and operation of an AI

With Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) we ensure that data is efficiently and strategically integrated into business processes through regular and automated training, thus contributing to increased revenue. The challenge is to establish and maintain these automated processes.

17 Jul 2020

Amazon DJL - a new DL framework for Java

Developers who wanted to explore neural networks and deep learning using the JVM, and especially Java, had little choice so far. Those who wanted to focus exclusively on Java could not get around DL4J until now. If it had to be the JVM, but not necessarily Java, the MXNet Scala Frontend was also an option. Finally, if a little Python didn’t scare you, you could try a hybrid solution, combining TensorFlow and Java just like we already explained in previous articles.

29 Jun 2020

Text comprehension and automated text generation with NLP, NLU and NLG

So far, we have generally steered clear of the areas of text comprehension and text generation by ML in our practical examples for the basic understanding of AI. For good reason, we have focused primarily on two types of problems: classification of images and prediction of numerical values.

12 May 2020

Deep Java Learning - NDManager & NDArray

After our first presentation of Amazon’s new Deep Learning Framework for Java, DJL, we now want to introduce the basics of Deep Learning under Java with DJL step by step in a series of beginner posts. This is not about quickly copying code snippets, but about really understanding the framework and the concepts.

06 Aug 2018

DL4J Workshop at the ML Summit in Berlin

On October 1st and 2nd the first ML Summit takes place in Berlin. In 12 workshops in three parallel tracks, experts impart practical knowledge on the topics Applications for Business, Machine Learning Basics & Tools and Specialized Topics.

23 Apr 2018

Jax 2018 in Mainz

Christoph will give two talks about Java and Machine Learning at JAX 2018

29 Jan 2018

Enterprise TensorFlow - Executing a TensorFlow Session in Java

A TensorFlow Session can be executed in Java in the same way as in Python. This post shows how.

23 Jan 2018

Enterprise TensorFlow - Loading a SavedModel in Java

Part 3 in the series about Java / TensorFlow Interoperability, showing how to load a TensorFlow SavedModel in Java

22 Jan 2018

Enterprise TensorFlow - Saving a trained model

Part 2 in the series about Java / TensorFlow Interoperability, discussing how to save a model so it can be reused in a different environment.

08 Jan 2018

Enterprise Tensorflow: Code Examples

Overview over the example projects for TensorFlow / Java integration