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Sokratext POS Tagger - Automated Word Type Recognition with Java

Generate grammatically correct text with Sokratext POS.

Our Sokratext Part-of-Speech-Tagging (POS) tells you what grammatical function a part of German text has - nominative, genitive or predicate, but also grammatical gender as well as singular and plural - thus it lays the foundation for creating error-free sentences and can be used to clean input data.

The German language is very complex due to its grammatical peculiarities. Sokratext POS is trained to recognize this complexity and to structure a sentence in such a way that grammatically flawless formulations are generated. This is useful when you want to create templates that organically integrate data into text.

We use POS as a pre-processing step for our Sokratext NLG system to automatically generate texts that meet the requirements of German grammar.

Grammar analysis with Java

Our Java-based POS system breaks down a text into grammatical cases and predicate components. Within these, the grammatical properties of words and terms are then determined.

Many machine learning structures are based on Python - By using Java, our system is fast and particularly stable. In a short time you will receive an analysis of your text with all the important information, adapted to the special features of the German language.

Just try it out interactively: