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Sokratext NLG - Generate thousands of German texts with just one click

Generate Text automatically with Sokratext NLG.

The Sokratext text generation tool enables you to produce content for your website in a short time. Generate landing pages, category- and product pages, title or meta description and much more.

The term „Natural Language Generation“ describes the automated production of readable texts by an AI system. Our Sokratext NLG engine is designed to generate German texts of all subject areas and offers your company numerous possible applications.

Java-based text generation tool

Our Sokratext NLG engine is based on the combination of a transformer based Deep Learning System and an expert system that can be easily tailored to individual use cases in any domain. The resulting smart templates enable faster text generation and allow more linguistic variation than a typical text robot – yet you always retain full control over the content thanks to the expert system.

The Java-based software is fast and stable - combined with the semantic approach of our NLG system, the AI does not simply produce texts randomly, like the Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT). Instead, deep-learning-based analysis of templates is intertwined with classic, rule-based text generation. This approach combines the advantages of neural networks and classic AI.

Test our AI-based content generator online now

See in our interactive example how a text is generated with a summary of the price movements of a stock for a specific trading day.