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Sokratext NER - Analyze German texts using Java

The Sokratext NER system analyses texts for your needs.

“Named Entity Recognition” is a text understanding tool that provides your company with customised text analysis in German language.

With Sokratext NER you can search documents for company or product names, people, places and other entities - even if they are not known in advance or contain minor spelling mistakes.

Our NER system is designed for text mining: It analyses text and finds terms in them that denote individual objects. It can also determine and define the entity - and thus distinguish general terms such as “river” from a very specific term like “Rhein”. This is an enormous advantage for your company: You receive an analysis of your text with all the important information you need in a short time.

Our Sokratext NER system can be trained on any group of terms - and thus individually adapted to your interests.

We use Java instead of Python

A special feature of Sokratext is that we implement AI using Java, unlike most other machine learning systems that use Python. Java makes our system fast, reliable and stable.

The implementation is very simple - you as a customer receive a code from us, which you can retrieve from the library and embed in your system.

Test the online Sokratext NER tool interactively with your own texts: