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Jax 2019 - How do Neural Networks work?

JAX 2019 is approaching and once again Christoph is contributing two sessions. This year he’s focussing on Neural Networks and explains how to use TensorFlow-Training while working with JVM.

JAX 2019 Mainz

The first session on May 7th will focus on the benefits of TensorFlow while working with JVM. Although powerful and comprehensiveL frameworks exist for JVM (DL4J, Smile…), occasionally the use of TensorFlow can be neccessary.

What is a Neural Network and how does it “learn”? In his second session on May 8th, it’s all about Neural Networks: Using the example of a standard multilayer network, Christoph will explain how a Neural Network makes predictions and how it is trained. The session will be complemented by formulas and code.