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We develop artificial intelligence

DIVISIO offers you consulting and development for the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Whether as a finished product or as individual customisation - we successfully place AI in your company.

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Our services

As a customer of DIVISIO you will always experience our employees as committed and helpful - We accompany you from the brainstorming and conception to the commissioning of the AI software. Furthermore, we gladly maintain, care for and improve a finished implementation within the scope of a maintenance contract.

Adapted to your needs, we take over the work steps for you or carry them out in cooperation with your team. Before the start of your project, we are happy to provide information and training through lectures and workshops at your premises on the topics of

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI/AI)
  • Machine Learning (ML) and
  • Deep Learning (DL).
Start-up phase and conception
  1. Consulting and analysis
    Together we look at how we can profitably use AI and machine learning in your company. You will learn how a successful AI project works and which steps are necessary for your goals.
  2. Conception
    In this phase we define measures to achieve the goals we have set together. We determine here exactly which procedure makes sense for your application and which data are needed for it.
  3. Software Architecture
    We ensure that the AI system to be created can be robustly integrated into your enterprise environment.
Data collection and processing
  1. Data collection
    We get an overview of the available data.
  2. Data Analysis
    This step is necessary for cleaning the data to prepare it for your software.
  3. Data processing
    To meet the requirements of your company, we process the data and constantly adapt it.
  4. Creation of test plans and quality control
    Once all data has been collected and prepared, we ensure function and quality.
  1. Development and Training
    We develop your individual software and train these models.
  2. Adaptation and training
    During the training we adapt the finished DIVISIO products to your system.
  3. Installation, customisation and training
    We build in third-party products (Alexa, Watson, Google, etc.) and continuously customise everything.
  4. Integration into your IT system
    We integrate our AI into your system or provide interfaces.
Deployment, further support and maintenance
  1. Hosting
    We host the technology on your systems, with third-party cloud providers or with us.
  2. Support and maintenance
    Tuning, support and maintenance as well as troubleshooting are our all-round service for you.
  3. Further training
    We organise and accompany training courses for your employees to the finished system.

Start-up phase and conception

In order for us to be able to advise and accompany you in a targeted manner right from the start, a precise needs analysis is necessary. This is an important first step to determine the right use of technology on scale and the best possible benefit for your company.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of modern machine learning algorithms and proven AI processes.

To ensure that the desired result can be achieved in the best quality, we work our way into your business model and obtain an overview of the entrepreneurial process flows. For you, this means a resource-saving gain of time, money and quality. By prototyping we carry out a feasibility analysis. This allows us to make adjustments to the goal or scope of the project at an early stage and saves additional integration effort.

Regular adjustments in the early phase

Especially in the beginning, we adjust data sets and sometimes need to re-evaluate them. By trying out several possibilities, we finally determine which algorithm provides the highest accuracy.

Once a commercially viable application has been found for your company and its feasibility has been confirmed, we plan the interaction of a finished AI component with your company’s existing IT system. Except for start-ups, integration into proven and business-critical enterprise environments is usually necessary. Based on our decades of experience with commercial enterprise systems, we create an integration concept for you. To ensure a smooth integration of our AI, the exchange and cooperation with your team is of great advantage.

Data collection and processing

Conventional software is determined by source code written by humans and the input of existing data, such as in databases. Machine learning technologies give data a new and even more important meaning: the behaviour of the software is learned from existing data. Thus, data gets the same importance as the manually created source code before. Therefore, it is of absolute importance for the success of your project to have a lot of clean data with which an AI model can be trained.

Depending on your requirements, we also develop individual software for the preparation and annotation of the data.

Once all the data has been correctly collected, imported and evaluated, we sift through it in detail. Using visualisations and statistical analyses, we determine the necessary processing steps that lead to the best possible trained AI system for your requirements.

Finally, we define quality criteria to ensure performance during the development and operation of the finished system. For this purpose, we create suitable criteria with corresponding test procedures according to your requirements. We integrate these into the automated pre-processing and training process of the AI system.


The type of implementation flexibly depends on your requirements and already existing solutions. Depending on the technical and business requirements, we either develop a completely individual software, adapt an already existing DIVISIO product, adapt an existing OpenSource model or integrate the KI interface of a third-party provider such as Google, Amazon, IBM or DeepL.

The questions we face in this process are:

  • Is this an individual problem?
  • Can an existing solution be used?
  • Do certain data protection requirements have to be met when collecting and processing data?
  • Can a third-party provider be used or must the data not leave Germany (or even your IT system)?
  • On which systems shall the operation of the software take place?
  • Are there existing requirements for the selection of programming environments and libraries?

Individual software and DIVISIO products are usually developed by us in Java - this makes them stable and flexible for most enterprise requirements. We also offer the implementation in Python (e.g. with TensorFlow) or for .net environments as well as hybrid solutions of TensorFlow and Java. The way in which we integrate our software with your system depends on the technical implementation you choose. The AI system can be integrated as a library into already existing systems in your company, or it can be built in separately as a callable interface.

Deployment, further support and maintenance

At the end of the implementation, you will have a customised AI system that can be profitably deployed based on your data and business know-how. To complete the process together with you, installation (deployment) in a data centre or with a cloud provider is required. We offer the following options for installation:

  • on your systems/in your data centre
  • on our hardware
  • at a cloud provider
  • at another service provider

In particular after project completion, we are available to advise you and monitor our system to ensure constant quality. Therefore we offer comprehensive maintenance, support and care after completion.

In many application scenarios for machine learning, new data accumulates after completion of the first version, which can be used to improve the performance of the system. Through continuous training and updates, we increase the performance of our AI in your system enormously.

We also offer training and development for your employees so that your investment in this new technology lasts in the long term.